WhisperClaims' App Updates for May

WhisperClaims Product Updates | May 2021

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We’re happy to announce the latest updates to the WhisperClaims App, all geared towards streamlining your user experience. We’ve:

  • Added ‘Created Date’ to the Clients and Claims dashboard, so you can more easily track your throughput;
  • Made it so you can now both add and delete your own users as necessary;
  • Added the report fee to the review screen so you know what you’ll have to pay before the claim is finalised;
  • Excluded archived claims from the total claims count on the dashboard, giving you a more accurate picture of your throughput;
  • Updated the report’s wording to accurately reflect the current RDEC rate;
  • Removed the question about grants from early-on in the question set, so you only have to enter that figure once.

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