WhisperClaims' App Updates for May

Dashboard, User and Report Clarity | May 2021 Updates

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We’re happy to announce the latest updates to the WhisperClaims App, all geared towards streamlining your user experience. We’ve:

1) Added ‘Created Date’ to the Clients and Claims dashboard, so you can more easily track your throughput;

An example of the WhisperClaims software displaying the Creation Date of an R&D claim

2) Made it so you can now both add and delete your own users as necessary;

3) Added the report fee to the review screen so you know what you’ll have to pay before the claim is finalised;

An example of the WhisperClaims App's report showing the report fee in the review portion of the claim

4) Excluded archived claims from the total claims count on the dashboard, giving you a more accurate picture of your throughput;

5) Updated the report’s wording to accurately reflect the current RDEC rate;

6) Removed the question about grants from early-on in the question set, so you only have to enter that figure once.

How to write an R&D tax relief technical narrative

With HMRC’s new mandatory requirement for project descriptions on all submissions, we wanted to share our experiences to help others to write their best possible technical narratives.

Available to download here.

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