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Join the growing number of UK accountancy firms and advisers creating new R&D tax services or scaling up their operations with our proven technology and knowledgeable support.

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Achieve greater value for you and your clients

Software, learning tools and hands-on support – all the help you’ll ever need to prepare effective R&D tax claims for your clients.

To you:
  • Prepare robust claims
  • Collaborate better with clients
  • Win more business
  • Welcome more clients
To your clients:
  • Access to funding
  • Sustainable growth
  • A streamlined service
  • Trusted advice
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Don’t just take our word for it

WhisperClaims is used by firms across the UK to deliver a robust and trusted service to their clients.

Here’s what a few of our subscribers have to say.

Sarah Sparshott

WMT Chartered Accountants

“I was incredibly impressed all-round. Given that, the knowledge the team has and a really fair cost, we didn’t feel the need to compare with other products on the market.”

Hertfordshire | England

Lawrence McClelland

Inglis Chartered Accountants

“One of the great things about the software is that we can access an ‘opinion service’ to access the viability of a claim before we start collating information, or even before a client starts their project.”

York | England

Jacquetta Jackson

ChadSan Ltd

“The support is brilliant. They reply to me so quickly, and always with a solid answer that helps me get on with my work. Just having someone on the end of the phone has been really helpful."

Guildford, Essex, Bristol | England
Portrait Photo of Lawrence Evans from Caldwell Penn

Lawrence Evans

Caldwell Penn

“WhisperClaims is the key component in being able to deliver claims in a scalable way. It provides us with a controlled process, so as we grow and more people begin putting claims through, the reports will look the same."

Surrey, Guildford, London | England

Here to help

Take a look through our library of free R&D tax resources.

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