R&D tax credit software for Accountants, Tax Specialists and Consultants.

Fixed cost. White labelled. Fully automated. Scalable.

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Image of a laptop showing the R&D tax software with a question about what areas of science and technology a in which company undertook R&D

Fixed Cost

WhisperClaims offers a transformative opportunity: charge your clients whatever and however you like – whether a fixed price or contingent percentage – yet pay only a low fixed cost to prepare each R&D tax credit claim, irrespective of its size or complexity.

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“I’m glad we found WhisperClaims – we were able to compile each of our last two claims inside an hour for a fixed fee.”

Nic Clark, Founder, OnlyExcel.com

Image of the R&D tax credit claims management dashboard

White labelled.

Your brand is important. That’s why the WhisperClaims platform is white labelled, giving you the opportunity to continue to build your brand by presenting our software platform as your own.

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“We were really pleased with the results and even introduced our accountant to the software.”

Anthony Ashbrook, Founder, Machines With Vision

Image of a question about whether the claimant company is eligible for R&D tax relief

Fully automated.

WhisperClaims reduces the time taken to prepare an R&D claim to just 45-60 minutes. HMRC-compliant, easy to understand reports are automatically generated, and contain a full technical narrative and breakdown of eligible costs.

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“Utilising the WhisperClaims platform, I was able to assemble a full claim in under 45 minutes!”

Chris Swallow, Finance Director, ASM Technologies Ltd

Image of a question about how the company would like to use the tax benefit from an R&D tax credit claim


WhisperClaims instantly increases your back-office R&D tax claim processing capacity. Full reports, covering all the usual complexities encountered in claim production, from subcontractors and EPWs to grants and group structures, are prepared at the click of a button.

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“This neat system enables a claim to be pulled together without technical jargon.”

Nicole Ballantyne, Director, Joden Consulting

Image of the user dashboard listing companies with R&D tax claims and their statuses
Image of one of the questions to determine whether a company can claim R&D tax relief through the SME or RDEC scheme

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