Meet the Team


Mike Dean's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Mike Dean

Managing Director

Mike ran businesses in the UK and overseas before spending the 15 years prior to WhisperClaims as an interim Director and consultant, where he worked across multiple sectors including in R&D Tax consultancy. Passionate about the digitisation of business processes, especially advisory services, he also leads the sales & marketing function, making sure that accountants are maximising the value of our technology.

Jen Badger's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Jen Badger

Operations Director

Jen is a founding Director of WhisperClaims and our first in-house subject matter expert. She keeps a firm eye on legislation to ensure that our software does the best job it can, and that claims put through WhisperClaims are compliant with what HMRC want to see.

Alex Hewitt's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Alex Hewitt

Lead Developer

Alex brings his wealth of both commercial and software development experience to the app, working not just on what the app does, but the how and the why of it. He takes the lead on building new features, improving existing ones and ensuring that the app works smoothly and consistently for our users.

Alison Barnett's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Alison Barnett

Software Developer

Alison is a full stack software developer with seven years of experience. She has previously worked in marketing for the education and arts sectors before re-training. Alison works as part of the development team to keep the app running smoothly.