Meet the Team


Mike Dean's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Mike Dean

Managing Director

Mike ran businesses in the UK and overseas before spending the 15 years prior to WhisperClaims as an interim Director and consultant, where he worked across multiple sectors including in R&D Tax consultancy. Passionate about the digitisation of business processes, especially advisory services, he also leads the sales & marketing function, making sure that accountants are maximising the value of our technology.

Jen Badger's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Jen Badger

Operations Director

Before WhisperClaims, Jen spent five years working for a large R&D consultancy in the UK. With a PhD and experience of working for a multinational software company, Jen applies her organisational skills and endless patience to making sure that our company is run well and our clients are always satisfied with the technology we are building.

Rick Henry's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Rick Henry

Technical Director

Full-stack web developer, passionate about developing applications that are mobile responsive, user-friendly and that use the best possible technologies. Rick's role is to develop and maintain the WhisperClaims platform, using best practice methodologies to ensure future-proof scalability and reliability.

Suz Harkness' headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Suz Harkness

Commercial Manager

Suz spent four years working in sales and client management in a large R&D consultancy before joining the WhisperClaims team. With experience of working in both the finance and software sectors, Suz’s role is to smooth and assist with our clients’ journey from first contact to established user.

Photo of WhisperClaims' Head of Marketing, Gillian Carmichael

Gillian Carmichael

Head of Marketing

Gillian spent fifteen years working in the digital tech industry before joining WhisperClaims. Her role is to help raise awareness of WhisperClaims software within the accounting marketplace.

Markos Ioannou's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Markos Ioannou

Marketing Designer

An artist-turned-graphic designer and graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, Markos oversees the creation and implementation of the WhisperClaims brand in both collateral and marketing, ensuring all our target demographics' needs are met in a comprehensive way.

Headshot of Cristina Bardas

Cristina Bardas

Web Developer

Cristina is a self-taught developer currently undertaking a masters in Computing Science. She has 5+ years working experience as a web developer in the digital and financial tech industries.

Alex Hewitt's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Alex Hewitt

Full Stack Software Developer

Alex is a full stack software developer who worked in photography technology before joining WhisperClaims. He works across the WhisperClaims technology stack to deliver customer satisfaction on our app.

Headshot of Ian Cashin

Ian Cashin

Customer Success Manager

Ian's first involvement in R&D was back in 2011 whilst working in the Motor industry. Jump forward 10 years, and Ian has now worked with more than 200 clients directly, and has delivered in excess of £7m of R&D tax benefits. Using his experience of working in a top 10 accountancy firm and smaller consultancies, Ian helps our users to navigate the complexities of the R&D scheme as well as helping them get the most out of using our technology.