​​Simple and cost-effective

Following your free trial, our simple pricing structure is based on two fees:

  • Fixed, monthly subscription of £100 + VAT
  • Download fee of up to £600 + VAT per report:

The most you’ll ever pay for a report is £600 + VAT, regardless of how large the claim is. Our pricing is based on a percentage of eligible expenditure (2.5% SME / 1.25% RDEC), meaning you will never need to turn away small claims. For example, an SME claim with £10k of Eligible Expenditure will only cost £250 + VAT to download.

Your subscription includes a range of support via multiple channels, and upon request, our team will provide a full claim review prior to your submission to HMRC (there is an additional £100 + VAT/claim for this service).

User stories

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