Low-cost pricing

We provide you with a cost effective solution to producing R&D tax claims in-house and under your own brand.

The subscription fee gives you access to our software, our Support function (which can be reached via telephone, email and Live Chat) and exclusive User only benefits. 

Our download fees enable you to deliver a competitive and highly value-added service to your clients.


*You will never pay more than £600+VAT for a report, and you may pay less if the eligible spend is low.

The report fee is either 2.5% of SME expenditure or 1.25% of RDEC expenditure, capped at £600.

For example, for a claim with £10k of eligible SME expenditure, the report fee will only be £250 (2.5% of £10k)

User stories

Take it from your peers; explore case-by-case examples of our cost-effective software in action.