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Simple and cost-effective pricing to suit your business needs.

Number 1 in a circle Core pricing

Low-cost pricing, loaded with the support you need to deliver a comprehensive R&D tax service.

A report only costs 2% of its Eligible Expenditure to download, capped at £625 +VAT. You will NEVER pay more than this for a report download, and you will pay less if the eligible spend is low.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to all of our support, and you will only ever be charged for completed reports – there are no additional fees for adding clients, adding claims or unlocking and editing previous claims!

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Number 2 in a circle SmartSave Pricing

For firms delivering known volumes of claims, we offer fixed monthly payments based on forecasted volumes that encompass our subscription.

This model allows you to spread the cost of your claims across an entire year.

For example, if you planned to make five maximum claims via our Core Pricing in a year it could cost you up to £865 + VAT per claim (including subscriptions). If the costs were spread equally over 12 months using SmartSave, you would pay just £229 + VAT per month or just £549.60 + VAT per claim, a saving of more than 35%!

The more volume you are able to commit to, the bigger the discount.

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