WhisperClaims' App Updates for July

Claim Unlocks and Collaborator Management | June 2021 Updates

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One of our top priorities as a company is making sure that the WhisperClaims App—the heart of our success—is always changing to meet the growing needs of our userbase. Over the course of the month of June, we’ve implemented a slew of changes, ranging from additional features to help claim/collaborator management all the way to general bugfixes to smooth out usability.

Read up on what these are now!

New features

1) Claim unlock requests

We’ve given you the ability to request that a claim be unlock from within the app, smoothing the process and making it easier for us to help you make changes to your claims.


2) Collaborator access:  

We’ve added a banner to the review screen to help you make sure that your collaborators don’t get accidentally locked out of a claim.


3) Managing your collaborators

We’ve added a warning to make sure you never accidentally delete your collaborators.


  • Some of you might have noticed that it was tricky to scroll forward through the years in the date picker – this has now been fixed!
  • We’ve changed one of the grants questions to prevent you entering an impossible combination of answers to this set of questions and creating invalid claims.

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