WhisperClaims App changes in September 2022

Flagging | September 2022

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New Features

Flagging questions

  • Our big new feature of this month gives you the ability to ‘flag’ questions as needing further attention, making it easier to see where, for example, placeholder figures have been entered and preventing you finishing a claim with these placeholder answers. You can find information on how to use this feature in our support section.


A couple of small bug fixes this month:

  • Some work done to correct how prices were displayed in our back-end caused us to briefly charge £10,000 per claim review – thankfully no-one paid this, and it was fixed very quickly!
  • One of our users pointed out that it was possible to add out-of-date claims to the system – this has now been fixed.

Coming up:

  • Our big focus over the next couple of months is making our reports more customisable, so we’ll be releasing a series of new features to enable you to, for example, add logos, use your brand colours and add background information about the claimant company.  
  • We’re also working on including furlough costs in the staff costs questions, making it easier for users to complete claims for periods that were affected by furlough.

How to write an R&D tax relief technical narrative

With HMRC’s new mandatory requirement for project descriptions on all submissions, we wanted to share our experiences to help others to write their best possible technical narratives.

Available to download here.

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