WhisperClaims App changes in February 2022

New Direct Debit Provider | February 2022

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New features

Migration to new direct debit provider

After more months than we care to think about, we’ve finally migrated over to a new provider for our direct debit payments! This won’t affect current users—we’ll be working in the background to move everyone across over the next little while. 


A one small bug fix this month:

  • Corrected a typo in the report – changed table header from ‘catgeory’ to category

Coming up:

  • Our new risk assessment feature is imminent—we’ve got it working and tested and are now just waiting for developer time to get it moved across and visible to our users.
  • Our hard deadline alerts hit a bit of a snag last month when we realised we’d have to update how our mailers work. This should be ready for the beginning of April.

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