WhisperClaims App changes in March 2022

Claim Reminders and Risk Assessment | March 2022

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New features

One small new feature for this month—we’ll now email you on the first of each month with a list of any claims that you’ve been working on that will hit their hard deadline that month. This should help you manage your workload and ensure that no claim get s left behind!

We’ve also been beavering away in the background on functionality for our sales and support teams. This won’t affect your experience of the app, but it will help our team access your information more quickly and should make any interactions you have with our team much smoother.


One small bug fix this month:

  • The feedback for the turnover and balance sheet question didn’t make sense if the company was classed as a LC later in the questions set, so we’ve updated this to avoid confusion.

Coming up:

  • Our new risk assessment feature is still *this* close to being released! We’ve got it working and tested and are now just waiting for developer time to get it moved across and visible to our users.
  • We’ll also be releasing a new feature this month to enable our users to request and pay for in-depth claim reviews through the app. This has proved popular with test users, so we’ll now be offering this to everyone when they complete a claim.

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