Feature of the Month: R&D Report Generation

Technical Reports: What are they, and how do you generate them using WhisperClaims software?

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For most of our users, the biggest benefit of using the WhisperClaims system is the time saved in technical report writing. The system is designed to take the pain out of this process.

Our users tell us that prior to using WhisperClaims technology this was a process that previously took them days or even weeks to complete, and by adopting our technology this has been compressed into a matter of hours (sometime even less than an hour!).

One of the biggest contributors to this time saving is the ability to generate robust technical reports at the click of a button – we refer to this internally as our “wow moment” in customer demos – it’s the time when a prospects jaw drops and they realise the full benefits of using our system!

It’s also the feature of the software that we’re most proud of!

However, before we get into the details of how this works, let’s take a moment to talk about what technical reports are and why they’re needed.

What is an R&D tax relief technical report?

The aim of a technical report or technical narrative is to convince HMRC that the R&D tax relief claim is valid and answer any initial questions they might have about the claim. A good technical report manages to do all of this concisely and without introducing any red flags!

Th technical report needs to cover all of the key things that HMRC is interested in when assessing an R&D tax relief claim:

  • Which areas of science or technology was the company operating in?
  • What technical advances did the company seek to make during the claim period?
  • What technical difficulties did it meet along the way?
  • Did the company use competent professionals to carry out the work?

What do I do with the technical report?

The technical report is submitted to HMRC alongside the relevant corporation tax return. You can find out more about this process in a previous blog, but in essence it’s pretty simple – you can either upload the report to your tax filling software, or email to HMRC.

How does report generation in WhisperClaims work?

Report generation in WhisperClaims is remarkably straightforward – of course, by the time our users come to generate the report they’ve already done the hard part and entered all of the information about the claim!

Once you’ve entered and reviewed all of the claim information, report generation couldn’t be simpler – all you have to do is finalise the claim, which locks down the answers and enables the system to accurately produce the report. To access the report, you’re taken through the paywall, then it’s a simple matter of downloading. It couldn’t be easier, or indeed faster – from clicking ‘Finalise’ to reading the report is a matter of seconds!

How to write an R&D tax relief technical narrative

With HMRC’s new mandatory requirement for project descriptions on all submissions, we wanted to share our experiences to help others to write their best possible technical narratives.

Available to download here.

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