Red Fish Accountancy – Jennie Gillam

Red Fish Accountancy – Jennie Gillam

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Jennie Gillam, Director of Red Fish Accountancy, teamed up with WhisperClaims after she realised the positive impact R&D claims could have on both her clients and her business. 

She was a little apprehensive of R&D claims at first but soon recognised that with the help of WhisperClaims, the process could be made far easier. 

“At first, we were too nervous about making R&D claims ourselves but we knew that we could quickly learn if we had access to the right technology. That’s when we started using WhisperClaims.” 

Jennie says that WhisperClaims made learning about R&D simple and effective. 

“They gave us a lot of confidence because they were so helpful and we were able to support our team with scheme training via WhisperClaims.  

“Their software is thorough and complete, so you know there is little room for errors when you are just starting out. It is very reassuring.

In addition, Jennie appreciates the fact that the WhisperClaims interface makes preparing claims simple and gives visibility into the entire process. 

“I think the interface looks nice. It’s very easy to follow. It’s very simple and there are lots of help guides within it.  

“I also like the fact that you can invite your clients in to collaborate on claims where they need to provide more information. 

“They also always reply to my queries within about an hour or so. They are very responsive.” 

The team at WhisperClaims have also been instrumental in keeping Jennie and all at Red Fish Accountancy updated on recent and upcoming changes in R&D regulatory changes. 

“They’ve helped keep us updated with what is going on, what the deadlines are, what regulatory changes are coming and what we need to do to prepare for it. 

“I can’t stress enough how helpful that knowledge is for an accountant who is new to the R&D claiming process.” 

Jennie has recommended WhisperClaims to other accountancy and R&D claims practices within her circle.  

“If you want an R&D support service with a great ROI, WhisperClaims is a great option. I would absolutely recommend them to everyone. 


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