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New to WhisperClaims, WMT Chartered Accountants is growing its R&D tax practice

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From its Hertfordshire base, WMT has established itself as a full-service accountancy firm, providing accounting, audit, payroll, business advisory and tax services to a range of business clients. 

A specialist in hospitality and professional services, the firm also supports a range of clients which operate in the R&D space – the majority of which are cutting-edge SMEs. 

A new user for WhisperClaims, WMT’s Tax Director, Sarah Sparshott, provides her first impressions, future plans and an insight into how this platform and its accompanying support are helping WMT and its clients. 

The needs of a diverse practice

Providing tax services to a range of businesses across different sectors, Sarah began to consider a solution which could meet the needs of her team and their clients – one which could bring R&D work in-house with seamless efficiency. 

“We began to take on more R&D tax claims, mostly from our SME clients. In the past clients had used other boutique practices to complete this work, but we soon found ourselves in a position where we were able to offer this in-house and better streamline our entire service. 

“We’re now running around 15 to 20 claims per year, so meeting with WhisperClaims came at a great time for us. It coincided with us looking to grow our R&D offering, and it gave us more confidence in our in-house offering.

“Of course, we’re tax experts and we have a huge amount of tax knowledge, but the support we get from WhisperClaims and the technical team augments that.”

Choosing the way forward

With a long career in tax services, Sarah had an awareness of R&D tax software and support, but it was her meeting with WhisperClaims, which prompted action. 

“I met Mike from WhisperClaims at a CharterGroup conference last year. He gave me a quick demo in one of the breaks and I was instantly wowed by the product. 

“I remember thinking, ‘this is so intuitive and easy to use’. The visuals were great, and I particularly liked the look of the finished claim.

“I was incredibly impressed with WhisperClaims’ overall offering. The knowledge the team has, and an extremely fair pricing structure, meant that we didn’t feel the need to compare with other products on the market.

Sarah and her team met with WhisperClaims Managing Director, Mike Dean, and Commercial Manager, Suz Harkness, for an in-house demo. 

“We entered into an initial trial month,” said Sarah. “We put a claim through and took advantage of a technical review offered to us. We were extremely happy with the finished result and our client approved the claim straight away.”

Keen collaborators

Now working on new claims with existing SME clients, Sarah and the team at WMT are particularly impressed with one feature – WhisperClaims’ collaboration tools.  

“The collaboration feature has been great to use with clients,” said Sarah. “It’s a brilliant tool when it comes to the report writing and guiding clients in terms of the detail they need to provide.  

“Building the report around key information that HMRC needs is critical, and Whisper helps us to do this. 

“So far, clients have engaged with it really well and have been comfortable using it for R&D tax claims.”

“The technical team are very knowledgeable,” she said, “I’ve run various queries past them via the ‘chat’ and have been very impressed with the response time and comprehensive replies we’ve received.” 

Acknowledging that her team’s partnership with WhisperClaims is in its early days, Sarah said that, thus far, she would have “no hesitation” recommending WhisperClaims solution to other tax advisors and accountants.


Do you want something to shout about? 

If you would like to join the growing number of practices shouting about their success using WhisperClaims, we would love to give you a tour of the software and support we offer. 

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If you have any other queries or questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our team to find out more about our empowering technology. 

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