Insight Finance Directors – Bob Evans

Insight Finance Directors – Bob Evans

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Insight FD supports SMEs who need guidance around their financial strategy, forecasting or funding and provides the services of a Finance Director on an affordable, part-time, portfolio basis. 

Bob Evans, the founder, and CEO of Insight FD, admits that although he was initially reluctant to offer compliance services, the seamless and efficient technology provided by WhisperClaims led him to incorporate R&D into his business’ offering.

“I looked at two or three similar technologies but after sitting in on a webinar with WhisperClaims they came out as by far the best, in my opinion.

“The friendly nature and usability of their software holds your hand as you go through the R&D process and even allows you to bring in your client as a collaborator.

“Their team is always there to explain the technical aspects of the platform in simple terms as well, which always helps.”

Bob appreciates the growing community that WhisperClaims has created through its services.

“I always have a lot of questions and whenever I ask one, I always get an answer. 

“Whether it is through LiveChat or the WhatsApp group, WhisperClaims – or someone in the group chat – always gets back to me quickly.

“Their responsiveness is something that really takes their service to the next level.”

As a Finance Director, Bob is also impressed with the return on investment (ROI) that WhisperClaims provides to its clients.

“They are very well priced. At first, I was worried that such a great deal was too good to be true but now I realise that they are providing me with a great ROI.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend WhisperClaims to anyone looking for help with their R&D processes.


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