WhisperClaims allowed Thrive Accountants to revolutionise their R&D revenue stream

WhisperClaims allowed Thrive Accountants to revolutionise their R&D revenue stream

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Before using WhisperClaims, accounting firm Thrive offered R&D tax claims services as a free or low-cost add-on to their other accounting services.

They aimed to prevent their clients from being charged overinflated rates elsewhere, but this approach was not sustainable with their growing client base.

In June 2020, Thrive CEO, James Lizars, recognised the need to professionalise the firm’s R&D services to better support their clients’ needs as well as create a more profitable practice.

Thrive started using our technology and quickly realised it offered the right balance of support and transparency. It quickly revolutionised the firm’s R&D tax claims process and streamlined its service.

As a result of WhisperClaims’ services, Thrive introduced a new fee structure, emphasising a more professional approach to handling R&D tax claims. This was especially important in light of HMRC tightening its approach to tax claims.

Since collaborating with WhisperClaims, the practice has submitted more than £800,000 worth of R&D tax claims.

This has significantly benefited Thrive’s tech business clients by facilitating quicker access to funds as well as boosting the profitability of the firm.

James Lizars praised the WhisperClaims platform for being quick, intuitive, robust, and effective.

He said: “We have been able to get these R&D claims turned around quickly. We chose to work with an experienced technical consultant to conduct the interview just before the end of the claim period and then we can finalise the claim quickly once we close the accounts. The speed of turnaround is a really important benefit to our clients.”

He added: “It was really good! It did exactly what I wanted right away, and I found it really easy to pick up and start processing our first claims. Suddenly, it revolutionised the way that we process R&D tax claims at Thrive.”

To learn how WhisperClaims could enable your firm to capitalise on R&D claims, please contact our experts.

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