Banner displaying the WhisperClaims initiative of moving from WhatsApp to Facebook in order to better communicate with our R&D community

Communications Hub Switchover; WhatsApp to Facebook

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Join the WhisperClaims Facebook Group

Since opening our WhatsApp user group a year or so ago, we’ve built a great community of active users. Uptake has been good, but not without some drawbacks—older content isn’t readily accessible, and valuable interactions are obscured under the influx of new members.

After some feedback, we’ve decided to move our user community to a Facebook group. We’ve seen the benefits first-hand from our peers, and we know our R&D community overlaps nicely with other accounting-related groups on the platform.

This will be a great means of direct communication—especially to relay any feedback/questions via our support team to help you make the most of the app.

But most of all we want this to be a vibrant community, exclusive to our users, where you can ask each other for insight and assistance.

Click here to join. Everything’s set up; we’d love to have you!

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