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Community Facebook group: hints and tips

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We’ve recently set up an exclusive Facebook group for our users. We’ve done this to both give you another direct way to communicate with us, and to help you help each other, giving you a closed forum in which to discuss all things R&D tax related!

We know not everyone uses Facebook, or is even all that enamoured with it, so here’s our top tips on how to set up and secure your account to make sure you’re not hounded by Facebook notifications or bothered by ads!

How to set up an account

If you don’t already have a Facebook account, setting up a new one couldn’t be easier – simply go to Facebook, click ‘Create New Account’ and enter a few details. There’s no requirement to add any photos or personal information, and you’ll be able to join the WhisperClaims group straight away.

Facebook accounts are linked to email addresses, so if you already have an account, it is possible to set up a separate ‘work’ account using a different email address. However, this contravenes Facebook’s Community Standards.

How to secure your account

Setting up your Facebook account to prevent anyone seeing anything you don’t want them to is pretty easy, if a little time-consuming. It’s all managed through the Privacy and Security setting, and allows you, for example, to prevent other members of the WhisperClaims group viewing your photos – to do this you’d just have to set it so only friends can see your photos. It’s advisable to do this anyway – completely public Facebook accounts are risky for many reasons!

How to manage notifications

One concern you’ve expressed to us is that you don’t want to have to turn out the deluge of notifications that Facebook likes to send just to know what’s going on with the WhisperClaims group. Happily, you can manage your notifications in a very granular way, if needed turning off notifications for everything but an individual group.  

For example, the picture below shows the notification setting for the WhisperClaims group – you can choose to receive notifications about all posts and activity, just the highlights, or even nothing at all if you’d rather engage on your own timetable! You also have the choice about whether to receive ‘push’ notifications (the ones that pop up on your phone etc) or just be notified when you’re using Facebook. 

Facebook advertising and the WhisperClaims group

Finally, a quick word about ads! We know that you all hate how much advertising you’re exposed to in your Facebook feed but rest assured that no advertising will be shown in the group – it’s just not something that happens in group feeds!

If you’re a WhisperClaims user and would like to join the group, where you can ask us and your peers anything about the R&D tax scheme, then please use the following link:

Join the WhisperClaims Facebook Group

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