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Delivering Effective R&D Tax Services: Preparing for our R&D Tax Summit 2024

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As the landscape of Research and Development (R&D) tax continues to evolve, professionals within this specialised field must stay ahead of the curve to deliver effective and robust services.

For this reason, our R&D Tax Summit., which takes place from 4-6 June, brings together the crème-de-la-crème of our industry to help advisors in practice achieve ongoing success.

This 3-day digital event offers an invaluable platform for R&D tax professionals to refine their skills, enhance their market offerings, and stay informed of the latest legislative changes.

Navigating the evolving R&D tax landscape

The summit opens with a session led by Jen Badger, Operations Director at WhisperClaims, focusing on the recent changes to the R&D tax scheme.

These modifications, while potentially intimidating, present opportunities for accountants and advisors to better support their clients and leverage these changes to their advantage.

Market insights and competitive strategies

A key aspect of staying relevant in the R&D tax advisory market is understanding its current state and the opportunities it presents.

A roundtable discussion featuring industry experts like Steve Cox, Director of Business Intelligence at IRIS Software Group, will explore how the market has changed as a result of structural changes to the legislation and HMRC behaviour, and delve into strategies that can help firms remain competitive.

Kickstarting innovation through real-world success stories

Day two of the summit shines a light on successful strategies implemented by leading firms in the face of legislative and regulatory changes.

Discussions will revolve around how these firms have used technology and innovative approaches to not only maintain but expand their R&D tax services, providing practical examples that attendees can apply within their own practices.

Building competence and confidence in R&D tax

Equipping professionals with the necessary skills to handle R&D tax claims confidently is crucial.

Richard Edwards from The R&D Community will conduct an interactive session aimed at bolstering the attendees’ expertise, featuring training demonstrations crucial for adapting to an evolving market.

Marketing your R&D tax services effectively

Understanding how to market R&D tax services effectively is vital for any firm looking to grow its client base and increase its service fees.

A fireside chat, with Jo Edwards of JE Consulting, will explore successful marketing strategies and demonstrate how firms can position themselves as leaders in the R&D tax sector.

Leveraging technology to thrive in the R&D tax sector

The summit concludes with a demonstration of our very own technology, showcasing how firms can enhance their service delivery through structured, consistent, and cost-effective processes.

Conclusion: A not-to-be-missed event for any accountant delivering R&D tax services

The R&D Tax Summit 2024 is set to be a cornerstone event for professionals eager to advance their knowledge and effectiveness in delivering R&D tax services.

With sessions designed to tackle the most pressing challenges and seize the opportunities within the sector, attendees will leave better prepared to handle the demands of this dynamic field.

For more information about the summit or to secure your place, click the link below:

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