New Features Demo: Additional Information Form

Tuesday, 22nd August at 12:30 p.m. BST

Join us as we demo the new features that we’ve added to WhisperClaims to bring it in line with the requirements of HMRC’s Additional Information Form.

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The WhisperClaims app surrounded by bubbles containing mathematical symbols related to the Additional Information Form

What’s being covered


In this session we’ll show you the changes we’ve made to the WhisperClaims app to make sure that we support you in filling out HMRC’s Additional Information form.

We’ll show you:

  • How to work out the number of projects to describe
  • New questions we’ve added to ensure you have all the additional information HMRC require in advance
  • Changes we’ve made to enable the app to calculate the costs of each individual project

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A birds-eye view

An in-house walkthrough

Jen Badger's headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Jen Badger

Operations Director

Jen is a founding Director of WhisperClaims and our first in-house subject matter expert. She keeps a firm eye on legislation to ensure that our software does the best job it can, and that claims put through WhisperClaims are compliant with what HMRC want to see.

Suz Harkness' headshot from the 2021 WhisperClaims photoshoot

Suz Harkness

Commercial Manager

Our host Suz plays a leading role in supporting you to adopt WhisperClaims technology into your firm. She spent four years working in client management for a large R&D tax consultancy before joining WhisperClaims.

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