Your guide to identifying eligible clients

This guide gives you the tools you need to identify eligible clients in your own client base and amongst prospects.

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What’s inside?

Fundamental to helping your clients reap the benefits of the R&D Tax Scheme is understanding what HMRC’s definition of ‘eligibility’ is, how to apply that knowledge when talking to your clients about the R&D work they have been carrying out and being able to determine where eligibility does and does not sit.

We discuss some methods that you can use to assess the different categories of R&D clients and—once you’ve identified these clients—how to assess the risk of each claim. We’ll also give you some examples of more and less obvious cases to help you as you start to work through your own client base.

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Phil Ellerby

Phil Ellerby

Northern Accountants

“When WhisperClaims came along, it gave us a template and a structure to allow us to manage the process ourselves.”

Leeds, Doncaster, Hull, Ilkley | England
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Lawrence Evans

Caldwell Penn

“WhisperClaims is the key component in being able to deliver claims in a scalable way. It provides us with a controlled process, so as we grow and more people begin putting claims through, the reports will look the same."

Surrey, Guildford, London | England

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  • How to review your client pipeline for eligible work 01
  • Tackling obvious and less obvious cases 02
  • How to risk assess companies and their claims 03
  • Appendices 04