The accountants’ game-changing guide to preparing R&D claims in-house

Our step by step ebook guides you through the fundamentals of the R&D tax scheme, how to optimise your claims processes and why technology will be your greatest asset.

What’s inside? 

Running an R&D tax service in-house helps you take advantage of public investment in R&D, move away from risky outsourcing strategies, win new business, and become a force to be reckoned with.

Whether you’re an accountancy firm looking to launch an in-house service, get to grips with the fundamentals of the R&D tax scheme, or explore strategies to optimise your claims preparation processes, this is the guide for you!

Jane Grant

Jane Grant


“WhisperClaims helps build trust because when you collaborate with a client to prepare a claim they become familiar with the criteria.”

Alan Woods

Alan Woods


“This support has been priceless! It really helped us to look after those businesses who had been affected. I doubt we would have been able to deal with them on our own.”


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  • Smart moves to make when delivering an in-house service 01
  • 8 steps to preparing robust HMRC-compliant claims 02
  • Avoiding common mistake and pitfalls 03
  • Assessing your client portfolio for eligible work 04
  • How WhisperClaims can help 05
  • Appendices: Case Studies 06