An accountant helping a client with their R&D claim

Who do you trust to help you with your R&D claim?

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HMRC recently commissioned Kanter Research to conduct a survey exploring how and why companies claim R&D tax relief.

Our Operations Director, Jen Badger, has summarised the findings in her article on AccountingWeb and points out a stand-out finding of the report:

“Where an accountant offered this service…claimants were likely to choose to work with their accountant due to the existing relationship and trust they had with their accountant.”

This finding is positive news for us. Our focus on providing support to accountancy firms with the best available technology and support to deliver an R&D tax service under their own brand is clearly in line with the requirements of SME’s.

No wonder then, that customers of ours like Onpoint Accounting Group are reporting significant revenue streams and value-add to their clients through using our tech. A super example of this is Johann Goree of Onpoint, who recently reported that his firm has generated over £100k in fees from using WhisperClaims, whilst returning over £600k in tax benefits to clients. A significant win-win for Johann and his clients.

How to write an R&D tax relief technical narrative

With HMRC’s new mandatory requirement for project descriptions on all submissions, we wanted to share our experiences to help others to write their best possible technical narratives.

Available to download here.

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