WhisperClaims' App Updates for August

Report Preview + Bugfixes | August 2021 Updates

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New features

Nothing this month – we’ve been beavering away on background functionality, so haven’t released any new features.


We’ve put some time and effort into reducing the number of intermittent errors experienced by our users – a lot of these were due to some changes we’d made earlier in the year, so we’ve refreshed all the claims in the system that were created prior to these changes, and that seems to have worked!

Coming up:

  • We’re still working to migrate to a new direct debit payment provider – as with all payment-related features, it’s taken longer than we’d hoped, but will make our payments systems more robust and easier for us to administer. 
  • We’re also working on finally updating the UI for our sales and support staff, which will make it easier for them to onboard and support all our users. 
  • The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that we didn’t manage to release the new version of the report in August. This was because we decided to release both the updated PDF and Word versions at the same time, so a bit more work was required! Sneak peeks of both are live (Word below, and PDF from last month), and we’re happy to commit to getting this to our users in the first half of September!

How to write an R&D tax relief technical narrative

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