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Adsum Partnership: Providing Rapid Access to Capital

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We are very pleased to announce that WhisperClaims has partnered with Adsum, the UK’s leading tax receivables lender, to offer you and your clients access to quick and reliable capital, secured against qualifying Research & Development claims (where there is a payable tax credit).

Why have we partnered with Adsum?

We know from speaking to our users that the funds received from an R&D claim are incredibly important to your clients, and can sometimes be vital to the ongoing success of the company. We also know that HMRC can occasionally take longer than ideal to pay out cash credits and tax rebates! It’s for these reasons that we’ve decided to partner with Adsum to offer you the opportunity to help your clients get a payout faster. They share our commitment to working with honesty and integrity, and we are confident that they will augment the great service our customers already receive from us!

Who are Adsum?

Registered with the FCA, Adsum is a principal lender to the UK SME market sector. Utilising bespoke proprietary technology, Adsum provides quick and easy loans secured against qualifying tax receivables such as R&D, VAT and Creative Industries Tax Credits and has lent and recovered over £100 million from HMRC.

What’s the process?

Once a user has paid for their report download as normal, they can access the Adsum portal and upload the completed claim document directly from within the WhisperClaims app. The Adsum team will assess the application and provide the client with a proposal directly – with the goal of cash being with the client within 5 days.

Screenshot of the WhisperClaims App's new collaborative feature with Adsum Finance

We are sure you will agree with us that this is a great new feature, allowing your clients to get rapid access to cash to fulfil short term funding needs.

As always, any and all feedback on this feature or any aspect of the WhisperClaims app is very welcome—please let us know what you think using livechat, the ‘Contact Us’ button in the app, or by emailing us at support@whisperclaims.co.uk.

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