Marketing your R&D tax services – Getting it right

We’re on a mission to equip accountants across the UK, like you, with a powerful toolkit centred around our innovative software, enabling you to confidently prepare compliant and robust R&D tax claims for your clients.


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What’s inside?

In today’s competitive landscape it’s crucial for your practice to effectively support SME customers in accessing the R&D tax scheme. However, the time and complexity involved can be daunting, posing challenges in communicating this service to your current clients and attracting new ones. Additionally, maintaining your existing services while developing a profitable revenue stream can be overwhelming.To address these challenges we’ve partnered with JE Consulting, a leading expert in Professional Services Marketing, to present a comprehensive guide. This guide provides detailed strategies for promoting your R&D tax services and building a strong client pipeline. It is designed to help you overcome the initial hurdles and set your practice on a path to success.

  • Introduction 01
  • Who is JE Consulting? 02
  • State of the market 03
  • Why should you deliver an in-house R&D tax service? 04
  • How to successfully launch and market a new R&D tax service 05
  • Getting started 06
  • The right audience 07
  • Understanding your market 08
  • The right package 09
  • The right price 10
  • The right marketing 11
  • The funnel 12
  • The right approach 13
  • The right channels 14
  • Final thoughts 15
  • Need help with your marketing? 16