How to package, price and promote your R&D services

A collaborative guide aimed at helping you build a more capable Sales & Marketing strategy. Reach new customers and continue to service your current clients.

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What’s inside?

When your practice launches a new specialist service like R&D, you’ve got to decide how to package it, how to promote it and, of course, how to attract the right type of client. Service packaging is essentially about presentation. How do you explain what a buyer will get for their money in a clear, compelling way?

We’ve partnered with two accountancy sector heavy weights, Dan McNamara and Phil Sayers, to bring you a step by step guide on how to build a client pipeline for R&D Tax services. After all, R&D tax claims could be a substantial new income stream for your practice—but the time and complexity involved may be off-putting for a variety of reasons. This guide offers a comprehensive strategy in getting the ball rolling and alleviating those foundational hurdles all service providers will eventually come across with.

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Portrait Photo of Lawrence Evans from Caldwell Penn

Lawrence Evans

Caldwell Penn

"It must be a dream for HMRC to review the project reports generated by WhisperClaims, because it is all laid out really nicely, it’s got all the key areas identified."

Surrey, Guildford, London | England
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Rob Newman

Carter Collins & Myer

"WhisperClaims has been very successful for us. A structured, process-driven approach to standardising the delivery of a valuable consultancy service has given us a platform to clearly demonstrate value and then open up further conversations about process change within our clients' businesses."

Rochdale, Ashton-under-Lyne | England

Ebook Authors

Photograph headshot of Dan McNamara from PracticeWeb

Dan McNamara

PracticeWeb | Managing Director

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Phil Sayers

Proten Sales Development | Founder

Full Chapter List

  • Commercialising your R&D tax service 01
  • Promoting your service 02
  • Converting leads into prospects 03