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Five ways WhisperClaims keeps your R&D tax relief claims compliant

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Now, more than ever before, it’s imperative that you ensure that the R&D claims you prepare for your clients are compliant with HMRC’s guidance and requirements. The risk that HMRC will enquire into claims has increased, and alongside this the rules are changing, with various new items of legislation coming into force in 2023.

However, there’s no need to fear—using WhisperClaims software to prepare your R&D claims is a great way to ensure that your claims are robust, compliant, and in line with all the relevant legislation. Here are five ways in which WhisperClaims software can help:

  1. WhisperClaims makes sure you ask every question, every time.
    WhisperClaims brings structure to your R&D claims preparation process, and ensures that the right questions are asked every time, about every claim. Using our structured and responsive question set means that you know that you’ve covered all of the relevant points, and no assumptions have been made that might trip you up later.
  2. WhisperClaims tells you if your claim is ineligible.
    While we can’t check the details of your clients’ projects, we can stop you proceeding with a claim if it doesn’t meet the most basic criteria. So, if you try to prepare a claim for work with no technological uncertainty, or for a company that only does R&D under contract to SMEs, the software will stop you there!
  3. Updates are added in line with new legislation and applied to the appropriate claims.
    Keeping up with all of the changes to the R&D tax relief schemes over the past year or so has been tricky to say the least. For any claim being worked on at the moment, you have to know what changes apply based on the start and end dates of the claim, as well as when it is submitted. Happily, the WhisperClaims software is continually updated to ensure that is complies with HMRC’s requirements, and automatically applies these changes to the relevant claims.
  4. Automated risk reviews.
    All claims prepared through WhisperClaims go through an automated risk review, highlighting the risks of each individual claim and giving you the opportunity to review and mitigate these inherent risks before submitting the claim to HMRC. 
  5. Claim review service.
    Alongside the automated risk review, WhisperClaims offers a claim review services where one of our R&D experts will undertake a detailed analysis of the information entered into the app and give you recommendations of ways you can improve or strengthen your claim and keep it compliant with HMRC’s requirements. 

As you can see, WhisperClaims software and support services have you covered when it comes to ensuring that your claims are compliant with HMRC’s guidance and changing requirements!

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