Fully featured R&D tax software.

Our R&D tax software makes it easy for Accountants to prepare clear, concise claims for HMRC’s R&D tax relief.

Here’s how it’s done in five simple steps.

mage of a laptop showing the R&D tax software with a question about what areas of science and technology a in which company undertook R&D

Screen your client

We appreciate that you don’t want to waste your clients’ time, so the system allows you to screen out ineligible entities before you even start them down the R&D claim process.

You then define the accounting period and decide whether to invite your client to work collaboratively with you on the claim. Congratulations, you’re up and running!


Complete online questions

WhisperClaims’ questions change dynamically depending on the information provided. Your client doesn’t have to answer unnecessary questions, and the system only goes into more detail as and when that’s appropriate.

Questions are multiple choice, or use drop-down menus or sliders. With almost no free text entry, questions are easier for you or your client to complete – meaning that the R&D claim process can be completed inside an hour.


Pay for and download report

Once the system has gathered everything it needs, it shows you the client’s approximate expenditure. This allows you to gauge the value of the opportunity – if it’s too small, there’s no obligation to proceed.

Once you’ve checked your client’s answers, simply pay a low, capped fee for instant access to the report. Should you wish to add value by tailoring it further, you can choose an editable version and add your own text and images.


Review the report

The report’s structure is based on 15 years’ experience of working in R&D tax relief consultancy. It is designed to give your client – and HMRC – comfort that all the right questions have been asked.

The content is based on the information provided by both you and the client. If you wish to add more content, such as diagrams, photos or further detail, then you can do this by downloading the editable version.


Submit claim to HMRC

You now have a report and cost summary that provide a clear, concise summary of the client’s claim. The final step is to ensure that the CT600 is completed with the figures from the cost summary and sent to HMRC. And that’s it!

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