Want to improve your R&D tax credit knowledge? Learn more about this year’s R&D tax credit rates, allowances and qualifying expenditure. Identify clients that might be eligible for tax relief and scale up your R&D tax credit operation.

Mockup of WhisperClaims' second ebook: "Your Guide to Identifying Eligible R&D Clients" eBook

Your Guide to Identifying Eligible Clients

Get the tools you need to identify eligible clients, in your own client base and amongst prospects. Learn the methods that you can use to assess the different categories of R&D clients, and—once you’ve...

Accountants' guide to R&D tax claims preparation eBook

The accountants’ game-changing guide to preparing R&D claims in-house

Get to grips with the fundamentals of the R&D tax scheme and explore strategies to optimise your claims preparation processes. This is the all encompassing guide for accountants!

Different types of businesses with potential for R&D claims

Does my client’s work qualify for R&D tax relief?

When you ask your clients whether they think they do R&D, you’ll always a variation of one of two answers – ‘yes, loads’ or ‘nope, I don’t think so’. Unfortunately, both answers are often...

How can I scale up my R&D tax credit operation?

WhisperClaims was conceived as the solution to problems that the founders experienced in the R&D tax credit industry, including a lack of capacity for preparing claims and inconsistencies in claim preparation, as wells as...

What is qualifying expenditure in R&D tax credits?

The R&D qualifying expenditure for tax credits includes the costs of paying people to do the work, paying for the consumables used during the work, and paying for external resources where necessary. Most costs...

R&D Tax credit rates and allowances 2020

The R&D tax credit rates of relief differ between the two schemes, and for companies in profit and those in a loss-making position. For more information on the different schemes, see R&D Tax Credits...

R&D Tax Credits 2020 Guide

The R&D Tax Relief Scheme was introduced in the U.K. in 2000 to support and reward companies undertaking the costly and sometimes onerous business of research and development. This guide aims to give you...

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