Webinar: Building an in-house R&D tax service.

Running an R&D tax service in-house helps you move away from risky outsourcing strategies, service more clients, win new business and drive growth for your practice. 

Join Mike Dean from WhisperClaims, Phil Ellerby from Northern Accountants and Alan Woods from Woods Squared to discuss tactics for delivering an efficient in-house service.

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Key discussion highlights

Taking your slice of the pie

How the R&D consultancy market has changed and why this is good for you and your clients. 

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WhisperClaims software and R&D scheme consultancy services enables accountants and consultants to drive profits through R&D tax relief consultancy without the need to outsource. Since 2018, over 250+ accountants have used WhisperClaims technology to prepare over 750 claims worth £20m+ in tax benefit. 

45 mins


Question time

15 mins


22nd October

How to prepare robust claims

What to consider when creating an HMRC-friendly claims preparation process.

Building your client pipeline

What firms are doing to identify client eligibility and grow their R&D tax business. 


Mike Dean

Mike is a co-founder at WhisperClaims. 

He leads on engaging the marketplace to ensure that the accounting industry is maximising the value of technology. Get the inside scoop on how accountants are commercialising their in-house R&D services and finding client eligibility. 

Phil Ellerby

Phil is the Director of accountancy firm Northern Accountants and has been running a successful R&D business for over two years. 

Find out about his recent expansion into R&D tax relief and how WhisperClaims technology has helped him to save time and generate revenue.

Alan Woods

Alan is the Director of accountancy firm Woods Squared and has been running an in-house service since 2019. 

Since creating a cost-efficient and HMRC-friendly claims process, Alan has been able to support clients and claims of all sizes. Find out how he's achieved this.

Compere: Gillian Carmichael

Gillian is Head of Marketing at WhisperClaims and runs a programme of educational webinars for accountants looking to launch their R&D business. 

She’ll be helping to field your questions at Mike, Phil and Alan during the webinar.

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Driving revenue through R&D tax

Why a well oiled R&D service can affect your firm's bottom line.

It's time to build your in-house R&D service

✓ Gov pledge £22 billion a year in public investment by February 2025 

✓ 17% more claims submitted in 2017-18 compared to 2016-17

✓ 15,750 companies claimed for the first time in 2017-18

✓ In 2018-19, R&D tax claims were made against £35.3 billion in expenditure 

✓ WhisperClaims' user base has grown to  250+ accountants