WhisperClaims Masterclass Programme 2021 is now live!

WhisperClaims is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible R&D tax advice; from our in-app technical support, to our friendly team of experts, to our range of content, training courses and guides. We understand the challenges faced in the sector when it comes to building client pipelines, and recognise the need for our users to build their confidence in the scheme and in reaching out to their clients and prospects.

So, alongside our own in-house capability, we’ve built a unique package of support for the most ambitious firms in the UK.

What is it?

The WhisperClaims Masterclass Programme competition is your chance to win an exclusive series of five masterclass sessions which will immerse you in all the things you need to start driving revenue through R&D tax claims in 2021.  You’ll learn strategies to win more business, service more clients and generate higher quality, HMRC compliant claims.

The MasterClass programme will be delivered by WhisperClaims and our partners, PracticeWeb and Proten Sales Development, beginning in May 2021.

Who is this for?

You may be an accountant who already has the tools you need to deliver an R&D claim, and possibly one or two clients, but what about the challenge of winning new business? How will you go about finding new clients and developing a new and profitable revenue stream, whilst continuing to deliver all of your other services?

Any accountancy firm that is either on trial or already subscribed to the WhisperClaims software by the deadline date of 23rd of April, 2021 is free to apply. Aside from needing to be on trial or subscribed there are no other terms to adhere to.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for ambitious firms to share their plans for their R&D service growth in  2021/22 and our judging panel will decide the 5 winning entries at the end of April 2021.

The application process is quick and simple with just a few short questions to answer.

Click here for more information and to apply

Brush up on the fundamentals of the R&D tax relief scheme

Streamline your claims processes and get expert advice on the R&D tax relief scheme.

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