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Here are some questions we’ve been asked about how our R&D tax software can help. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please just ask!

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Increased margins in R&D tax claims

You are free to charge your client whatever and however you like, while our charges are low and capped, irrespective of claim size. This gives you an easy way to increase or protect your margins, and you don’t pay more as the client’s claim size rises. Utilising our platform, you’re able to process more reports in far less time, safe in the knowledge that your costs are known. You have the ability, right at your fingertips, to generate more revenue at higher margins from delivering R&D tax claims to your clients.

Detailed, comprehensive HMRC-compliant documents

Our report is designed to give HMRC comfort that the claim has been prepared according to their rules, while minimising the time required from the claimant. Reports are concise, factual and comprehensive – they cover group status, corporate structure (both shares and shares held), SME status, commercial and technical goals, technical challenges, competent professionals, subcontracting arrangements, supporting records, grants (including State Aid) and a full treatment of costs that takes grants and subcontracting arrangements into account.

Depending on the options your client selected, our reports will typically be around 5-6 pages. If you need or want to add more detail, you can add example project narratives or simply download the Word version of the report and add to the content as you see fit. Let WhisperClaims do the heavy lifting for you, and you can focus on adding value to your clients.

Automated reports written in natural, fluent English

It was difficult to achieve, but we put a lot of effort into our algorithms to ensure that reports are written in fluent, natural English. Despite being generated in the blink of an eye, we like to think that they are indistinguishable from those produced by a knowledgeable R&D consultant. Actually, in some ways we’d argue they’re more consistent – a consultant is only human, with good days and bad, whereas WhisperClaims extracts the right information every single time. This leads to a better report and a more accurate claim.

Support and documentation for claims of all sizes

The platform was initially conceived and designed for smaller claims, on the basis that these were not cost effective for advisors to prepare. However, our customers soon proved that it’s capable of calculating eligible costs and producing a report for any size of claim – the largest so far had more than £6 million of eligible expenditure!

Larger claims do tend to be more complex, and these clients may benefit from an augmented service provided by you. Again, if you wish to add detail to a more complex claim and be seen to be adding value, you can add optional project narratives or download the report in a fully editable Word format.

Easy, straightforward validation of information

Once you and your client have finished entering the information, you’ll be able to double-check that the figures and technical details are accurate. Once you’re happy, you can pay for and download the report, which contains a technical narrative describing the work and a detailed breakdown of the eligible costs and the total eligible expenditure for each scheme.

All supporting documents produced quickly and easily

The report produced by the system covers everything that HMRC need to know about the claim. Although the system does ask about supporting documentation, there’s no need to prepare or submit any of that alongside the report. These questions simply allow your clients to demonstrate to HMRC that they can evidence their R&D if required. This also highlights to your clients the kinds of supporting documentation that would be useful if HMRC were to question their claim.

Comprehensive technical support

We offer training and support to all users of the platform, to make sure that you can make effective and efficient use of the tool. We can offer support to claimant companies, but most accountants and consultants prefer to be the ones helping their clients. The usual model is that we support you, our customer, so that you’re then able to help your clients complete their claims.

We do not offer advice on how a user should answer the questions based on their particular circumstances, or on the eligibility of costs or projects. This advice should come from you, and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and capability to your clients (and gives you the opportunity to charge for doing so!).

Technical support in the event of questions from HMRC

HMRC asking questions is a natural part of the claim cycle and not something to be afraid of – typically they just want to understand what your client has been doing so they can be comfortable in awarding the relief. Should HMRC have questions about the claim, helping them get comfortable with it will either fall to you, or to your client, depending on the nature of your contractual relationship. We have no insight into your client’s situation or the accuracy of the information they enter, so we cannot take responsibility for defending claims to HMRC. However, we will do our best to support you by providing audit trails and copies of all information entered into the system during the preparation of the claim.

Straightforward pricing

Please note that we cannot publish details of our pricing on our website, as we do not want to create any issues between you and your clients. (Please contact us for specific details of our pricing.)

What we can say is that claims fees are capped, irrespective of the size of the claim, and are paid before downloading the report. You’ll also pay a licence fee based on how many users you want to have access to the system.

Easy payment process

Once you’ve reviewed and approved the figures that your client has entered, we’ll let you know the approximate size of the claim via your claims dashboard, and the fee to download it. At this point you can choose to download the report, or if the claim’s below a certain value, simply archive it. For those you wish to download, you pay the stated fee. There’s no charge for the ones you don’t wish to take further.

Fully editable outputs

We produce our reports in either fixed PDF or editable Word formats; if you choose the latter then you are able to edit the report into your own format and add content as you see fit. We sometimes see customers adding content to make sure that their clients’ more complex projects are fully covered, but this is not necessary for most claims.

Outputs compliant with HMRC's submission portal

The outputs produced by the WhisperClaims platforms are compatible with HMRC’s R&D claim submission portal, launched in February 2019. You can simply copy and paste the required text into the portal, if you choose to use it. However, using the portal is not compulsory, and your WhisperClaims report is more than sufficient to support your claim.

Cross-browser compatibility

WhisperClaims is an online application, so you don’t need to go through a long-winded installation process, or get permission to make changes to your computer set-up. It’s compatible with all modern browsers, but if you have any questions about whether you’ll be able to use WhisperClaims on your computer, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

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